Story Tellers

Every good Song has a story behind it.

Welcome all story tellers. You have a talent for fantasy and day dreams.

Your Job is to inspire others with your creativity and start us off on a journey through songwriting.

Can you invent a character and build a narrative?

You might want to base your ideas upon a character from a film or a book, somebody that you have met, or simply make somebody up.

Start with the Character. (remember, it’s just for fun, so go with the first ideas that jump into your head.)

  • What is their name?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Where are they now?
  • What big thing has happened to them in their life?
  • What makes them angry?
  • What makes them sad?
  • What makes them happy?
  • What do they hope for?
  • Who do they love?

Now, tells us one story from their life that we can build into a Poem.

  • What happened? (keep it simple – for example “her heart was broken when her dad left” or “He’s fallen in love but doesn’t’ know how to tell her”
  • What is the question? “Why did her dad leave?” “Should he tell her how he feels?”
  • What is the debate? “Should she be angry at her dad for leaving?” “Is he strong enough to tell the girl how he feels?”
  • What is our song about? “A song about a girl forgiving her dad for leaving and letting him know that she’s going to be fine” or “A song about how he doesn’t want to spoil the friendship with the girl that he loves, so he’s just going to hide his feelings”

Now it’s time to expand upon your ideas.

  • Write a few sentences describing what your story should be about. “

“This is a story about a girl called Lucy who has been angry at her dad for leaving the family but now she’s trying to understand how he must have felt and feels sorry for him, she wonders where he is now and sings directly to him saying it’s OK you can come back when you’re ready”


“This is a song about Peter who has been in love with Wendy since he first met her. They are great friends but he wants to ask her to be his girlfriend but is worried it’ll ruin their friendship. He decides to just stay friends and hope that his feelings will go away. but there is sadness in the way that he decides this”

So hopefully you get the idea.

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