Song Writers/ Arrangers

Finding the music that is all around us

Welcome song writers. You have the skills and knowledge of how to use music and harmony to create mood within music.

Your job is to take the narrative and poetic ideas which have come before and develop rhythms, melodies and chords to accentuate them so that a producer can think about how to record them.

Can you turn a narrative and a poem into a song?

Your allowed to change the lyrics to fit with your musical ideas and your allowed to swap verses around if you feel that you want to represent them.

  • Look for a regular pulse that fits with the poem decide upon a time signature. Remember that you can change words around to fit the feel of the song.
  • Think about how the melodies for the words might flow. Are they on the beat, on the off beat or sung legato (tied between beats)? Are there more syncopated complex rhythms involved?
  • Play with some rhythmical ideas
  • Decide upon some chords that you might use for a certain section. If you want to know more about choosing chords then head over to Music Theory Master Tapes
  • Once you have a working demo of your song then write down the chords above the lyrics.
  • Record a video or audio recording of you performing the song or send us a score/ lead sheet to follow.

Send your work over to

We’ll upload it to youtube/ sound cloud as private link (hosted only on the Demo uploads section of Kevrenna) alongside your chord and lyric sheet. It should be up within 24 hours.

Demos upload

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