Reinventing music.

Welcome Producers. You have the skills to structure musical ideas using technology, connect musicians by giving simple briefs and to develop a composition using sounds, samples, live recording and arrangement tools. You also are aware of the genre of piece and what it takes to make the music work

Your job is to consider all of the other ideas and then compile them within a DAW (digital audio work station).

As a producer you need to be humble enough to take on board what the rest of your team has been trying to create but confident enough to take that vision in new directions.

You might want to base your ideas for production upon existing songs that you think fit the mood of the piece. Or you may want to work within a specific genre that you are used to working in. Head over to the demo tracks upload page and choose a song to work on, (or create your own project from scratch.)

Demos upload

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Constructing the song

  • Begin by creating a project within the sequencer that you use
  • Set the tempo and BPM
  • Create a chord selector track or play in the chords as a midi part
  • Add in markers to show where your sections are. (Verse, Bridge Chorus, Middle eight etc)
  • Add in the top line melody for the vocal as either a demo guide track or as a midi instrument
  • Begin to add other elements that you think are important (drum samples/ parts, Rhythm parts, other instrument samples or parts)
  • Keep referring back to your reference tracks for ideas
  • Leave space for other artists to add their parts.
  • Head over to Master Tapes – Daw section for more tips and tricks

Once you have a working demo track that you’re happy with then create

  • A stereo mix down (as an MP3)
  • A list of additional instruments that you would like to add to the song.
  • Describe where you would like the new parts to go and what they should be playing. (you can give examples to other tracks for reference or score/ record midi parts to follow)

Send your requests list along with your mix down and any scores/ midi parts to

We’ll send your track and requests to our list of session players but we’ll also upload it to Produced tracks uploads within 24 hours