Poets/ Lyricists

Poetry is music

Welcome all poets. You have a magical way with words.

Your Job is to create an atmosphere through poetry.

Can you create a Poem that sounds beautiful, uses your characters language and tone and is filled with imagery and emotion?

The rhythms, rhymes and accents within poetry create a pulse. A composer can write to the phrasing of your words based around this pulse.

Words and phrases can also create melodies and these melodies will change depending on the mood of the piece. A sad narrative might create different melodies with the same words to a happy narrative.

Try to think about the “music” of your poetry whilst you’re writing. Don’t worry too much about the narrative itself. Just give us a snap shot of the story line.

Head over to The Story tellers upload page and choose your narrative/ character. (you might just want to create a narrative yourself or use a character and narrative that’s already there)

Narrative uploads

Narrative ideas for you to work on

Now, begin to create a mood.

  • Think about the narrative and the back story but try to be in a single moment (you don’t need to describe the entire story we just want a snap shot.)
  • Decide upon the emotion
  • Think about how your character is feeling
  • Do they have a decision to make or are they thinking about something that has happened?
  • Try to figure out if you have a debate? (Does your character have questions about something they have done?)
  • Try to encapsulate your debate as a metaphor or simile
  • Create a title that sums up your story – Something ambiguous or philosophical sounding.
  • Create your poem focusing more upon the beauty and simplicity of the language that you use and getting into the rhythm, sound and feel of your lyrics. think about onomatopoeia.
  • Use sensory writing; describing the way the world feels, tastes and sounds as well as the way it looks.

Once you have finished your piece then email it to songs@kevrennarecords.com

Make sure you let us know what narrative you used as your inspiration.

We’ll upload your poem within 24 hours to

Lyrics upload

Lyrical ideas for you to use in your demo