Who are we? What’s our story?

Challenege 1

Can you invent a character and a story to write about?

We should give our song ….

  • A perspective (who are we writing about and what should the listener feel?)
  • A narrative (what are we trying to say?)
  • A debate (how do we feel about what is happening?).

Tell us who we’re writing about, what their story is and what they’re feeling.

Grab a pen or a laptop and let your mind run free. think about.

  • Where they are from?
  • Where they are heading?
  • What are their hopes and dreams?
  • What are their fears?
  • Who do they love (or have loved)?
  • What is on their mind at this moment in time?

Enjoy the process of making up a new person and then submit it to inspire others!

Maybe you could suggest some ideas for potential poem titles or key phases?

Or, why not have a go at writing the poem yourself!

Once you have written your story ideas then send them through to