Musicians Performers

The part can mean anything in the hands of an artist.

Welcome all performers and players. You have built up your abilities with your instruments and we want to use your skills on our record.

Your job is to give the soul to the track by adding in human qualities and feels.

Can you play/ sing to the backing track with your own style whilst still following the direction of the producer?

We might get in touch with you directly to ask you to play on a track otherwise head over to Produced uploads to find a song that you want to work on.

Produced tracks

Songs ready for session players
  • Think about how your capturing the audio from your instrument? Are you using a microphone? Or recording Midi? Is there anything else in the room making a noise?
  • Are you recording at the correct sample rate for the producer? If not make sure that you let them know.
  • Are you using headphones?
  • Do you have a DAW to record on? (head over to Master tapes – DAW to find out more and download a free version to use.)
  • Think about the timbre of each piece and how the recordings fit with the mood of the song.
  • Think about Motifs that can be repeated.
  • Give us your character in the performance!
  • You might be a DJ or mix engineer and want to drop samples and beats onto an existing track to create a remix.

Email your additional musical parts (along with the backing track that you used to)

We’ll email it back to the producer to compile it into a finished mix or upload (if it’s a remix) we’ll upload it to the To be released section of the site awaiting Music Hubs A n R to feedback on the track or release it.