The words and hook lines

Challenge 2

Can you write a poem?

It can be

  • From an idea that you have found in the Story’s section
  • Inspired by an event within your own life
  • Inspired by a film or story

Narrative uploads

Narrative ideas for you to work on

Grab yourself a pen and paper (or write on your phone or computer) and let the lyrics flow. They don’t have to make sense as long as they feel right and they sound musical.

Send us whatever you have created. That could just be a title for others to work on or a complete set of original song lyrics.

Think about

  • Sensory writing (“the taste of the city, the shiver of the night, the claws of a dream upon my back”).
  • Using metaphor and simile.
  • Try to use the tone, language and style of your character.
  • Think about how your character feels
  • Keep it simple; beautiful phrases and ideas don’t need to have complicated words and sentences.
  • Think about the way the words sound together and rhyme.

Email your lyrical ideas to

Make sure that you let us know what your poem is inspired by!