Kevrenna How it works

Story tellers, Poets, Musicians, Producers we need your skills!

We have created a conveyor belt of music production. You can jump into a project at any stage and submit your own version of “that” song or you can begin a project from scratch by developing your own narrative ideas. You can also work offline and follow each stage of the project at home and submit your work as a portfolio once completed.

Kevrenna is Cornish for Sharing – the idea being that we encourage other people to collaborate on our ideas and we help to develop the work of our peers.

After each stage of the project send your submissions to and we’ll upload them and keep a record of who has created which elements.

Narrative uploads

Narrative ideas for you to work on

Lyrics upload

Lyrical ideas for you to use in your demo

Demos upload

demos to Produce

Produced tracks

Songs ready for session players

How it worksKevrenna

Follow the pathway through from “Narrative idea” to a Produced track ready to release!

Create a narrativeInvent a character and tell us their story. Inspire Poetry and Music


Write Lyrics – Create poetry either inspired by your own life or something from the narrative page.


Write Lyrics/ poetry

Create a Demo Recording -Put lyrics to music and record your creation. Feel free to change words and swap things around. Make sure you include a chord sheet!


Record or write your demo

Produce – Drop the chords into a DAW and produce a template of the song to a click track


Record/ Mix/ Produce

Collaborate – Request other instruments to add to your arrangement, invite mix engineers or re-mixers to work with you and build up a finished track.


Collaborate with session musicians, singers and DJ's

Once we have a body of work that has been uploaded, we will be launching a remixing platform to run alongside the song writing


If you don’t want to commit to the song writing platform but you do want to stretch your skills then we’ll be launching a new challenge everyday for you to work on. This could be a great resource for teachers to use!

Master Tapes

Look through the master tapes videos for hints and tips on key areas of music production and composition.

If you find a great video that we should include then please email it through to us at


We’ll less of a shop and more of an introduction. Our partners are really keen to help you make great music. If you want to buy a new microphone, interface, piece of software or a controller then get in touch and we’ll send you straight to the manufacturers who are all offering special educational discounts.

Cornwall Music Education Hub (In Partnership with Feast, Sontronics, bandlab, Routenote, Antelope audio, Native Instruments, Steinberg and PMC) have created Kevrenna records as a tool to share your talents and engage with the recording industry. we’re a real record label that will release your music to the world.

You keep all of the IP/ Copyright for the sections you work upon as well as getting any royalty’s that are collected on your behalf.

The site is run by a team of educators – (fully dbs checked and GDPR compliant) working for Cornwall Music Education Trust to provide musical activities during the lock down period and beyond!

We have made every effort to make sure that the site is secure and that only students under the age of 19 are participating and that there is no peer to peer contact without going through a third party moderator. There is however always a risk to activities online and therefore we would request that students are cautious to any contact that they might receive, never give out personal details and refer any concerns directly to or contact music hub Cornwall directly. We would also ask that parents keep an “open door” approach to their students online education.

We hope you make some great music!