Demo tracks

Strum it, sequence it, sing it, score it, hum it or play it!

Challenge 3

Can you add chords and melodies to a poem?


  • Take some lyrics from the Poems section

Lyrics upload

Lyrical ideas for you to use in your demo
  • Or create some brand new words

Read through the lyrics and try to find…

  • A pulse within the phrasing of the lyrics
  • A time signature
  • A feel of how an accompanying rhythm might fit with the words

Feel free to change words around or add extra syllables in order to make your words fit

Now add some chords and a melody to your new song!

Once you’re happy with your song

  • Create a demo recording – (either as a live recording or video. Or work with sequencing software to build your demo track.
  • You might want to use bandlab or cubase to create your track.
  • Write down your lyrics and chords

Send your demos through to us at…

Don’t forget to include your lyrics and chords!

If you have recorded a DAW session then we would also love to be able to share that with other producers if you’re happy for them to use your work as a template.