Producer engineers

Challenge 4

Can you use technology to record and produce a song in a sequencer (DAW)

Take a look at what demos have been uploaded and choose one that you like

Demos upload

demos to Produce

Using your favourite DAW (digital audio workstation) can you

  • Set up a metronome for the time signature and tempo of the song
  • Drop in chords at the correct positions within the bar (either using a chord selector track or by playing or drawing them in).
  • Create drum grooves to under pin the feel of the track (using drum machines, live recordings or samples)
  • Add any extra instrumentation
  • Record a guide vocal

If you want to learn more about DAW recording then head over to our DAW section in Master Tapes . We can supply you with a free download code for Cubase LE to get you started.

If you can’t complete a section of your recording then don’t worry, get in touch letting us know what you would like to have recorded and we’ll find somebody to collaborate with you

Once you’ve taken your song as far as you can then make a stereo mix as an mp3 and send it through to

You might want to Collaborate with a session vocalist/ guitarist/ Drummer/ DJ or even an online choir or string section! If you want any additional parts adding to your track then make sure that you let us know when you send your song through and we’ll hook you up!

If your files are too big then get in touch and we’ll send you a link to the Kevrenna google drive.