Other musicians

Challenge 5

Can you create a challenge for other musicians?

If you have a produced song that needs something else adding to it then create a “studio brief” detailing

  • What instruments you want to add
  • Where the parts should be
  • How they should be played
  • Give suggestions or links to examples of the style that you want.

Perhaps you’re looking for a female harmony on your vocal track, or maybe you think your song needs a live Drummer? Would you like an online choir to add some vocals? Or do you need a DJ/ Producer to add some Trap samples?

A collaboration challenge is a great way to add a new perspective to your production and encourage another musician to try a new style.

Get in touch with us and let us know exactly what you want. Either send us written instructions, an audio recording, a score or a midi file and we’ll find you the best session player around for that job!

We’ll send your track off to one of our session players and let you know once its done. We’ll then send you back the new files to add to your mix.

Email us at

If you’re an musician, DJ or Producer looking for a track to add to then check out our produced tracks uploads

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