Amy’s Character – Sisters

She’s a sister (one of three). She’s fallen in Love before but been to shy to tell them how she feels. Her two sisters are happy and settled in relationships and that happiness is driving a wedge between them as all she feels is lost. She wants the rain, she wants the dark, she wants angry sad people who understand her pain, she wants to be another person for a while and see if that makes it better. The song is her coming to terms with her frustrations of being alone whilst surrounded by her sisters who, although they love her, gloat somewhat.

Sisters – Ryan Jones

She Breaths Happiness
Smug as a cat in a chair
Her long summer hair
Looks old and out of place
Here in my winter house
I, quiet as a mouse
toyed with, pawed, begging to die
why don’t you invite, “that guy” over?
you know, the one
(Yes, I know
Long gone)
You’d make the greatest…
Wait, let me stop you there
as though I cared
(Truth is I do)
I’m one, you’re two.
These sisters of mine
The bones in my spine
I feel the knuckles of vertebra under my skin.
Swelled from beneath, well it’s grief
for something, un lost!
Not wasted, no cost
but a gift that I never found
Now, drowned
like that cat, in that bag
That that singer, (who’s my type
if you wondered). Kept for years
from going under.
Sisters, they’ll keep you afloat
but they’ll be damned if they’d throw you a rope
Sisters of mine,
Counting up time…
and dividing unequal
In plastic wrap photos
then gone…