Artist – Designers

A picture says a thousand words – how many notes dose that count for?

Welcome all artists and designers. You have a talent for expressing complex ideas in a simple image.

You can choose an idea that is at any stage of production – from a narrative idea through to a fully produced track ready for release.

Narrative uploads

Narrative ideas for you to work on

Lyrics upload

Lyrical ideas for you to use in your demo

Demos upload

demos to Produce

Produced tracks

Songs ready for session players

Create a piece of artwork that sums up what the debate within the narrative is.

  • It should be an image that can be cropped to a square
  • It can be anything visual (Photo, painting, sketch, graphic)
  • It can’t contain any copyrighted material (for example – a company logo or an image of an existing work of art)

Email your images over to and we’ll upload it to the artwork section of the uploads page.