WW2/ Now

 MY SONGS - by S. Ayres

One day we’ll look down on the world below,
The ruins of our country will not show,
No more bombs are dropped from the sky above,
We’ll be able to do the things we love, the things we love,
We’re the Allies! Fighting for a good cause,
We’re the Allies! No one’s gonna take us down!
Whether you’re leading the city or driving a tank we’re all doing our bit,
Whether you’re sitting on a rooftop or caring for your family the Axis will have to admit, have to admit,
Hand it over! You wont get what you want!
Hand it over! Stop fighting for something you will not get!
Ruthless soldiers shooting on the battle fields,
Homes in the countryside act as shields, act as shields,
We’re the Allies! Fighting for a good cause!
We’re the Allies! No one and no one’s gonna take us down!
I said no one and no one’s gonna take us down!

One day this will all be a memory,

One day we’ll look back on the past,
One day lockdown will be finished,
One day we’ll be sitting in class!
But until then we’ll have to keep going,
Until then we’ll have to stay put,
Until then we’ll pray,
To put lockdown astray,
And to feel that it’s gone for good!

About the poem –

My first set of lyrics are about how people lived through WW2  

And the others are about how we are living through the lockdown

I wrote it on may the 6th 2020

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